Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall

Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch
Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch


If you are looking for a unique yet professional case for Honor phones, then here is your match! Genuinely handmade leather case just might be the one for you! *Leather case can be custom fit for any phone you have. Please specify your exact model.

Add your initials, personalize it! *PERSONALIZATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please enter me your name, initials or any word in the drop-down menu during checkout. 14 characters are the maximum! If you need longer engraving, please let me know. I use "TAHOMA" font, size 16 (5 mm = 3/16" high). I also can incorporate numbers and the following special characters: amp; ♥ ’ ° ” + - /,. All letters are UPPER case.

- Add initials for you or a friend

- Engrave your name or friends name

- Emboss personal motto or phrase

I try my best to find only the highest quality leather for all of our products. The leather for this case measures in approximately 2 mm in thickness, so you know this pouch will be strong and durable. Not only will the leather case maintain itself well but it will also keep your phone very secure. This snug fit allows your phone to stay free of dust, scratches, and other damages. Please note upon purchase that no two pieces of genuine leather are alike; this is what differs genuine leather from the manmade material – genuine waxed leather will vary in texture and markings for every single piece. Therefore, upon purchase your item may slightly vary from the one pictured since the item I have in stock may not be the item pictured.

Happer Studio is a small, family run business. We specialize in handmade leather bags, sleeves, laptop cases, and accessories. We focus on high-quality products and customer service, and we can’t wait to do business with you!


Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall

F13T5WW – T5 21 Inch Under Counter Fluorescent Bulbs Warm White Sale Special Price Bought 6 of these for replacement of the bulbs in my under cabinet fixtures. Figured buying 6 would give me a supply for several years.They last about 2 months. So out of the 6 bulbs I bought in April 2018 , I now have 3 in Sept. 2018.Don't buy these; They are sub-standardAs of 1/2/19 ALL SIX HAVE BLOWN OUT. I purchased a box of 6ea of these in May 2018. The Amazon description says 20,000hrs - maybe if they aren't turned on ! That's 7 months of service. Even if I left them on 24/hrs a day, that would be a total of 5,000 hrs. In the kitchen I estimate they are on 12 hours a day = 2500 hrs. These should have lasted at least 2 years. Actual life - 6 - 7 months.Adding: I checked the description of a SATCO bulb, one of the best bulb manufacturers, and they indicate a Life Span of 5,000 hrs - which is a lot closer than the 20K advertised. The Satco replacement (on Amazon) was about for 10ea. If was going to rebuy them, I would buy the Satco version, but I've decided to try one of the LED direct replacements.I've already replaced 5 of the 6 originally installed in May 2018, WAY short of the estimated life.Also note: the PINS are not crimped properly - some were harder than others to install and twist into the sockets.Morale of the story - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.Here I sit searching for more T5 bulbs for my under cabinet lights, yet again....Feels like I did this just a few months ago. Oh wait I did. Only now searching through my purchase history do I realize I bought this exact set of bulbs twice. Once in September of 2018, another set again in August of 2019. And now they're dying off again in April of 2020.Without even doing the math, with only 8760 hours in a calendar year, these aren't even close to 20000 hours as they claim, and that would assume they've been on 100% of the time.Learn from me and steer clear. These do not last.PS. If you do order them, expect the box to arrive crushed...happened both times...I was thrilled to get such a great price on these flourescent bulbs for my under cabinet lights in the kitchen. I paid .95 plus tax for a pack of 6. I usually pay about - for one (1) of these bulbs at my local big box hardware store. I have seen some reviews saying these bulbs aren't lasting very long. Well those brand name - each bulbs I was buying at the big box store weren't lasting very long either (usually less than a year). At about .49 per bulb for these, if they even last 1/3 the time as the others, I will consider that a win. I just installed this one in June 2020. I will try to update this review when I know more about these bulb's longevity. For now they are good!We bought this set of 6 light bulbs (tubes) to use for our Laser cutting machines, and we learned something. The thing we learned is that the measurement for the tube is based upon the distance between the tube pins and NOT the length of glass tube. That means we bought 21" tubes for what is an unmarked 22" light fixture. Since the fixture was made of thin aluminum, we were able to reduce its length to fit these tubes. After taking care of our 'oops', the lamps were plugged in and they are fine. No swirling or flickering from the tube ends, they tube snaps on without hesitation and the color is a bright white with a slight leaning towards the bluer spectrum, as would be expected of 6500K color 'temperature' lamps.At this time (3 days after installation), they are still going great and we are fine with them, even with the small brass tubes crimped over the igniter wires design for the pins. They didn't flex or twist when the tubes were rolled into position in the fixture. Well, we had high hopes for these bulbs, but were sadly disappointed. Two issues:1) they came wrapped, all 6 pressed together, at each end very tightly with plastic wrap, compressing the ends...luckily none were visibly cracked.2) more importantly, the two pins at each end were very poorly made: they were rough brass-colored (we are guessing at the metal) that looked like they were chewed on, and were not straight. They did not install easilt, and the bulbs flickered We are guessing it was related to the poor pin contact.We are posting photos showing what a "normal" bulb's pins look like, next to these "TopStar" bulbs' pins, as well as the resulting flicker we experienced.Maybe we were unlucky...everyone else seems to have had good results...but not us.Some years ago, I installed undercabinet fluorescent lights to brighten our kitchen. The original tubes were a little too warm and unfortunately had a very short lifespan, less than a year. This was the primary problem that led us to use the lights sparingly.Today I replaced the lamps with the whiter LED tubes. The lighting @ 4100°K seems to be about correct, not too bright but something that adds more light that looks cleaner. The installation was a simple process of just switching out the rewiring. Plus, these tubes have cut the energy consumption by gt;80% and significantly reduced the heat under the cabinets.NOW, the ultimate review will be based on the functioning of these tubes over time. I will update this review as time progresses, my experience with LED replacements is that they over promise and under deliver. Bulb Specs: This pack of 6 bulbs F13T5/WW Fluorescent tubes are 21” long (From end of pins to end of pins) and uses 13 watts and 900 Lumens. Color Temperature: Features a 3000K Warm White Light color which creates a crystal clear, Warm White GLOW and eye-friendly ambience to your kitchen office and is perfect for household lighting. Easy Installation: F13T5 WW linear bulbs have 2 pins at each end. Simply just push into the 2 side sockets and then twist to hold into place then flip on the switch to light up your home or kitchen. Continuous Light: Up to 15,000 hours of continuous light which will take away the hassle to change your bulbs so often. Applications: These T5 fluorescent tubes are commonly used in under-cabinet or under-counter lights in your kitchen and in RV as well as various other applications. Packaging: We use protective packing materials to ship our products and we offer 100% full refund or replacement in case of any damages. We strive for a headache free transaction. Product description Color:Warm White (3000K) KOR K25681 is a pack of 6 bulbs, 13-Watt F13T5WW 21 Inch Fluorescent Light Bulbs, and is the familiar, classic fluorescent under counter tube light bulb that most kitchen light fixtures use under their cabinets to light up the counters. These fluorescent tubes come in various lengths so please make sure to measure the bulb that you are trying to replace before ordering. The F13T5 is 21 inches long from the tip of the pins till the tip of the other pins. Choosing the correct color temperature: Understanding Kelvin temperature (K) makes it easier to choose lighting that gives you the look and feel you want. Kelvin temperature is a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light bulb. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. Typically, Kelvin temperatures for commercial and residential lighting applications fall somewhere on a scale from 2000K to 6500K with 2000K being the yellowest spectrum and 6500K being the bluest spectrum. The lower the kelvin temperature is the more yellowish glow it will give and the higher the kelvin temperature the bluer shine it will give out. Light bulbs are typically divided in 3 color categories Warm White (3000K), Cool White (4100K) and Daylight (6500K). The KOR K25681 is a 3000K Warm White color. Please make sure to choose the color option that works for your application. Tools Home Improvement => Light Bulbs => Fluorescent Tubes Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall customers can also choose from a variety of flexible payment options including debit and credit cards, cash-on-delivery, upi, online wallets and emi options. Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch

Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall

Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall
This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. [TRAVEL COMFORTABLY WITH A FOOT HAMMOCK] : Long flights can be uncomfortable for many reasons. We’re here to solve at least one of them. With our travel-sized Airplane Foot Hammock, you can give your feet and lower-back the vacation they deserve. [EASY TO USE FOOT REST]: Your new airplane footrest is very easy to use. With an extra long strap, travelers of any height can find comfort with our foot hammock. Simply wrap your foot hammock around the seat tray in front of you, and adjust the strap to your desired length. Place your feet in your new comfy airplane foot hammock, relax and settle in. [Comfortable]: Our footrest is soft, breathable and pressure-free, providing you with more comfortable hammock legs when you travel or sit.If a loved one or friend travels frequently for business or pleasure or even if their first ever flight is coming up surprise them with the gift of comfort with this clever travel accessory, imagine the smile on their faces. [Size]: 43*22 cm /17*8.7 in,the lenght82 cm /32 in, so that your foot can be put in more free space, Keep your legs on a soft mat so they stay comfortable throughout the journey. [LIGHTWEIGHT amp; COMPACT]:- The Foot rest uses a space-saving design.It can easily fold and fit into your carry-on luggage or favorite flight travel bag. Includes a handy drawstring pouch to store the footrest. Product description [Material] :Twill Oxford cloth Size: 43*22 cm /17*8.7 in,the lenght82 cm /32 in The airplane footrest is very useful for lengthening your foot, swing your legs to relieve fatigue and to reduce the lower back pain, stiffness and leg swelling suffered during long flights. Perfect Travel Accessories makes a wonderful gift for the travelers in your life. Portable Travel Foot Hammock for Flight Bus Train Office Home,Reduce Swelling and Soreness   [FUNCTION]: Fully Breathable to keep your legs cool Extra Soft Cotton for improved comfort Lightweight amp; Compact ideal for carry-on baggage Rip Resistant extra-strong long-lasting materials for frequent flyers A Great Gift for the business traveler or friend embarking on a long journey Reasonable Price Office Products => Office Furniture Lighting => Furniture Accessories Foot Hammock Desk Footrest Portable Comfy Foot Hanger,Seamless F Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall our vision is to provide the best product discovery and shopping experience for our customers. Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch


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Philadelphia Mall Leather Case for Honor, Hand Stitched and Personalized Pouch San Diego Mall








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