Discount Outlet For Sale PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads Ranking TOP11

PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads
PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads

  • ECO-GREEN JUMBO PADS – Made from 35% recycled materials for puppy training, these dog training pads are great for your pet and the environment
  • SUPER ABSORBENT amp; DEODORIZING – Our puppy pads have natural odor-eliminating ingredients and super-absorbent core that turns liquids into gel
  • BAMBOO TISSUE PAD has an absorbency function and Free of BPA
  • LEAK-PROOF LINER – No need to worry about urine leaking through these puppy pads; our high-quality dog training pads are made from leak-proof, durable material
  • FSC CERTIFIED MIXED WOOD SOURCES – Trust the product you use for yourself and your pets; this pet product is designed with your pets and the Earth in mind

Product description

Size:200 Count  |  Color:Eco Friendly-30x36

PETSWORLD Bamboo Dog Training Pads are an environmentally responsible way to train your pet. Designed with the Earth in mind, these puppy pads are the solution you need to effectively train your puppy without adding waste to the environment. These PETSWORLD puppy pads are made from recycled materials. They are FSC certified, giving them the gold standard designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically vital. Our puppy training pads are also super absorbent and haves a super-absorbent core that turns liquids into a gel, providing great protection for your floors while still training your pet. They are bleach-free, making them great training pads to use in the home and around your family. Leak-proof, deodorizing, safe, and efficient, these puppy pads are the solution you need to potty train your pet. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PREFERENCE!


Discount Outlet For Sale PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads Ranking TOP11

Discount Outlet For Sale PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads Ranking TOP11

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Discount Outlet For Sale PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads Ranking TOP11

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Discount Outlet For Sale PETSWORLD Earth Friendly Bamboo Training Pads Ranking TOP11

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