Best Price For Sale Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C Ranking TOP3

Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C
Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C

  • ✨HIGH-QUALITY DIAMOND PAINTING KITS: colorful Diamond with vivid visual effect, foldable canvas with high-definition, color-printed and accurate pattern. The 5D diamond art kits are environmentally friendly, thickened, sturdy and soft for long time use.The diamond painting will be kept as arts and crafts.
  • ✨FASHION DIAMOND ART: 5D full drill diamond painting is a new fashion craft, more realistic than other decorative painting effects, simple and easy to learn. You will enjoy the fun of making and it will be a great intimate experience for the family.
  • ✨HOW TO USE: Take out the mosaic tool; Tear off the drill glue, put a small amount of drill glue into the pen; Find the diamond with the corresponding serial number; Attach the pen tip to the diamond; and set it on the corresponding number on the canvas. You could easy to complete the picture with our tools.
  • ✨EXQUISITE DECORATION GIFT: The 5d diamond painting is exquisitely made. After it is finished, it can be a good decorative artwork in the office, bedroom, and living room.Such as Christmas gift,birthday gift, wedding gift, festival gift and so on.Diamond painting is suitable for adults kids,DIY hand made enthusiasts.
  • ✨100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are a professional diamond painting supplier. We produce diamond paintings for years. If any query about diamond paintings, please feel free to contact us and we will help you at any time.

Product description

Color:Square Drill  |  Size:30x40cm

5D DIY Diamond Painting Art
5D diamond painting kit is a fun DIY activity for adults kids to enhance hands-on ability,DIY 5D diamond paintings are also perfect gifts for children, family, friends and colleagues on Christmas, Halloween and New Year.diamond painting is a new popular product, DIY production process is very simple.It is easy to realize classic works of art, You will enjoy the pleasure of making.

1. Do NOT expose too much unfinished area of canvas in case of viscosity reduction.
2. Keep your hands and the glue clean amp; dry.
3. To avoid creasing, do NOT fold the canvas.
4. Keep the rhinestones away from children under the age of 5 to avoid being swallowed by them accidentally.
5.If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will answer you within 24 hours.

Add to the shopping cart as soon as possible and enjoy the fun of diamond art painting!!!


Best Price For Sale Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C Ranking TOP3

Best Price For Sale Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C Ranking TOP3

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Best Price For Sale Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C Ranking TOP3

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Best Price For Sale Diamond Painting Kit,Pink Flower 5D DIY Diamond Art Full Drill C Ranking TOP3

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