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atFoliX Screen Protector Compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 S
atFoliX Screen Protector Compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 S

  • FX-Antireflex Protector Film: Glare-free, shock-absorbing, perfect fit and compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585
  • Anti-reflective effect due to the finely matt surface. Significantly improved readability of the display when working in sunlight and under strong light sources.
  • Anti-shock: Highly shock-absorbing effect thanks to integrated TPU absorber layers. The Screen Protector reduces the risk of display breakage to a minimum.
  • Fingerprints on the display are reduced by the Screen Protector. Maximum protection against scratches due to high surface hardness (4H pencil hardness)
  • Accessory@FoliX - Made in Germany *** Stress- and bubble-free installation of the Screen Protection Film due to optimised adhesive layer - perfect hold - removable without leaving residues

Product description

FX-Antireflex Screen Protector by atFoliX, dazzle-free and shock-absorbing, compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585

- integrated shock absorbing TPU layer
- anti-reflective effect
- dirt-repellent surface
- robust and safe
- especially easy mounting

Shock absorbing and safe
Screen Protection Film made of tough and energy absorbing TPU. The material helps to protect the glass surface of your device against impacting objects.

Antireflection coating
The finely matt surface significantly reduces annoying reflections on the screen, while minimizing sharpness and contrast.

Dirt-repellent and robust
The matt surface hardly gives fingerprints and impurities a chance. At the same time, the coating of the Protector Film provides reliable protection against scratches.

Clean and easy installation
Can easily be mounted and repositioned due to dry mounting. Residue-free removal.

Scope of delivery
- 3 x FX-Antireflex Screen Protection Film compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585
- cleaning cloth
- installation tool (squeegee)
- Dust remover sticker
- Link to the multilingual, illustrated mounting instructions (including mounting video)
Packages for devices with several screens (e.g. internal and external screens) contain a protective film for each screen.


UK Online Store atFoliX Screen Protector Compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 S Buy Cheap Shop Online

UK Online Store atFoliX Screen Protector Compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 S Buy Cheap Shop Online
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UK Online Store atFoliX Screen Protector Compatible with Sony Walkman NWZ-E585 S Buy Cheap Shop Online

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