Best Price Offers Original WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Dallas Mall

WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo
WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo

  • Linen,Cotton
  • Shipped from China
  • Material:cotton,linen
  • Please choose the size according to children's height.
  • Please see detailed measurements in product description.
  • Chinese tags.

Product description

Chinese 90/US 18-24 months Shirt length:14.2"-----Shoulder:9.4"-----Chest:24.4"-----Pant length:18.5"-----Hip:22.8"
Chinese 100/US 2-3 years Shirt length:15.4"-----Shoulder:10.2"-----Chest:26"-----Pant length:20"-----Hip:24.4"
Chinese 110/US 3-4 years Shirt length:16.5"-----Shoulder:11"-----Chest:27.5"-----Pant length:21.6"-----Hip:26"
Chinese 120/US 5-6 years Shirt length:17.7"-----Shoulder:11.8"-----Chest:29.1"-----Pant length:23.6"-----Hip:31.5"
Chinese 130/US 6-7 years Shirt length:18.9"-----Shoulder:12.6"-----Chest:30.7"-----Pant length:25.2"-----Hip:33"
Chinese 140/US 7-8 years Shirt length:20"-----Shoulder:13.4"-----Chest:32.3"-----Pant length:26.7"-----Hip:34.6"


Best Price Offers Original WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Dallas Mall

Best Price Offers Original WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Dallas Mall WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Outlet UK On Sale USA This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Propeller Material:Plastic. Shaft Diameter:4mm. Shaft Sleeve Diameter:9.5mm. Shaft Length:10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm/30cm Optional. Fits for Motor Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm/3mm/3.17mm/4mm/5mm Optional. Product description Rc Boat Drive Shaft Kit 4mm Stainless Steel Transmission Shaft + Universal Joint + Propeller Fits for DIY Rc Model BoatProduct Name:Rc Boat 4mm Transmission Shaft KitShaft Material:Stainless SteelPropeller Material:Plastic.Shaft Diameter:4mm.Shaft Sleeve Diameter:9.5mm.Shaft Length:10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm/30cm Optional.Fits for Motor Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm/3mm/3.17mm/4mm/5mm Optional.How to choose: if your motor shaft Diameter is 2.3mm and you need 10cm shaft you can choose: L10cm Motor 2.3mm Tips:when you use it,you had better to put some butter or waterproof paste inside the shaft sleeveDear customer, please fill in your accurate address and phone number before purchasing so that we can accurately deliver your water sports parts. Thank you for your understanding and support. FENGL ZTYSS Rc Boat Drive Shaft Kit 4mm Stainless Steel Transmis Toys Games => Vehicles => Remote App Controlled Vehicles we've got a dedicated customer support team ready and waiting to deal with any of your issues,
Best Price Offers Original WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Dallas Mall

Best Price Offers Original WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Dallas Mall

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CAN CLIP (カンクリップ)


Best Price Offers Original WenWen Little Boy's Chinese Cranes Printed Harem Pants Shirt Clo Dallas Mall








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